Client Testimonials

Exceptional, personalized service is what we’re truly proud of. In fact, it’s one of the things our clients appreciate the most – they even told us!

"The team at IDENT is a pleasure to work with – responsive, courteous and extremely knowledgeable." 
- Trina, Repsol

"I’m so glad we finally found a supplier that is responsive to our needs as well as having a quick turn-around time." 
- Jeff Crowe, Taiga Building

"IDENT makes it hassle free for us." 
- Craig Reid, Velvet Energy

"IDENT makes the best quality signs that are the most resistant to fading in the sun. It is always a pleasure to come in and pick up signs and visit with you lovely ladies and y’er dogs... we love that part of the day." 
- O. Logan, CPC Resources

"Working with the IDENT team couldn’t be easier. Design, price quotes, and delivery are handled professionally and quickly. No matter how small my order is, it is looked after and makes my life easier. Great team that goes the extra mile in customer service.”
- Rene D, Cenovus Energy

"IDENT is a company with exceptional customer service. Fast and correct processing of customer orders is important, and IDENT succeeds in both these areas."
- Kris Hockley, TS&M Weyburn, SK

"Always quick to respond and willing to go the extra mile. It doesn't matter if it's an order of a thousand or half a dozen, IDENT really cares about keeping their customers happy and getting the product to them on time."
- Christina Paul - Keyera

"I would like to sincerely thank you for being one of my favourite vendors that I have worked with. Thanks for the high level of service."
- Marten Nguyen

"Have been dealing with IDENT for many years and always satisfied with the orders no matter how large or small. Very confident when placing orders."
- Lyall G., MEG Energy

"I have dealt with IDENT for many years and have had no problems in the past with this company. They are very pleasant to deal with and always take the time to make sure things are done right. Turnaround time from order to delivery is good.”
- Dave S., Husky

"Working with IDENT has always been a pleasant experience. Delivery has never been an issue. I look forward to continuing to do business with them.”
- D. Branden, CE Franklin Ltd

"I have been dealing with IDENT for years; great service from the staff. Keep up the good work”.
- Joseph Schafer, Husky Energy Ltd

"We have been dealing with IDENT for many years. I am very impressed by the service we have received on every order.”
- Pete Anderson, TS&M Supply

"Extremely happy with the quick, concise service I have received over the last years with IDENT.”
- Wendy Metcalf, Cenovus

"Excellent service and very pleasant to deal with. They have custom tailored signage for our needs. Thanks IDENT for your committed service.”
- Lloyd Lachance, Sequoia Recourses Corp.

"Nothing but totally professional every time.”
- Robert E., Cenovus

"We have been ordering quite a few signs lately and IDENT is very quick to reply with quotes and provides shipping updates. Job well done!“
- Chet Brewster, Pengrowth Energy

"Working with the IDENT group is a great experience and we really appreciate the staff's efforts!”
- Tammy Evans, Direct Energy

"A great company to deal with, very efficient staff, and competitive pricing!" 
- Anonymous

"I have loved working with IDENT. It is always easy to deal with IDENT and I have never had any mix-ups or concerns."
- Christine, Cansearch Resources Ltd.

"IDENT does everything in a timely and efficient manner from start to finish. IDENT really cares about their customers."
- Connie, Tourmaline Oil Corp.